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Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? Our creative agency is here to help. Let us bring your vision to life with our innovative ideas and exceptional results.

About GC Online

We are a passionate team of hobbyists who have started to use our skills for the benefit of others.

Years of experience developing websites, and acquiring visitors through high-quality content has been a focus of ours.

Now we aim to provide beautiful responsive websites to small and local businesses at a fair price.

Meet the Team

Profile picture for Ryan McKenna. Owner of GCOnline.

Ryan McKenna


  • 6 years SEO & Content Writing experience
  • Over 12,000,000 pageviews from organic traffic
  • 7 years IT Support experience
  • 9000 resolved incidents & service requests
  • Zero negative feedback

I am passionate about technology in the online world. Building websites, writing articles, and building an online presence are what I love to do.

Throughout my career, I have worked with a myriad of different individuals and have learned to understand each person’s unique wants and needs.

I’m looking to help as many people as possible so we might all foster positive relationships and grow together.


How It Works

We’re With You Every Step of the Way


Research drives the understanding of audience behavior, fosters innovation in design, fine-tunes compelling content, and ensures optimal site performance.


A cohesive strategy is essential to delivering an engaging user experience, increasing website visibility, crafting compelling content, and ensuring reliable site accessibility.


Design plays a crucial role in structuring user-friendly interfaces, creating SEO-optimized frameworks, producing attractive content, and achieving robust and secure hosting environments.


Which locations we do we service?

We are able to work remotely, so we can assist anyone in the world!

However, it is a little bit easier when we can meet face to face. Therefore, local areas might receive better results with us.

Our main local areas are St Helens, Liverpool, Wigan, and Warrington.